Monday, May 24, 2010

10 years of togetherness

do they signify much?? I mean is 10 years supposed to be a long time to be 'stuck up' with that single somebody?? or is it just abt enough to have someone waking on the other side of ur bed every morning, blessing u with a smile(perhaps??!!) , or is it still the age-old traditional outlook of staying committed for 'the better or for worse'. Frankly its more of an attitude issue than anything else. I like (actually, DO) seeing the same face every morning, and sleeping near a familiar body, a familiar smell every night. Through our fights (and mind u, we have some very ugly ones), it is still comforting to have the presence of the 'same old person' next to you. And it is disturbing if that 'same old' chooses the other room for whatever reason instead of the usual sleeping haven.

I chose to pen these words on the occassion of our 10 yrs of 'togetherness'. Weel, rather unusual, if u ask me. 10 yrs of marriage is quite common, but why does one celebrate 10 yrs of simply being together. I was myself confused when my better half chose this milestone to announce a party at home. I thought "why?? 10 yrs of being together?? how do we explain the guests who invariably wished us "happy 10th anniversary!!" Well, then i thought- why not?? being together is more monumental than being married. U chose to stay together (and committed) in spite of there being no strings attached. U see each other as life time partners though the society is yet to tag u as one. That must mean something, isn't it? In a time where marriages last as much as a single pack of condoms, whey then did we chose to stay together and committed(yes, we did have our share of invites, if u know what i mean!)/ That probably is a good reason to celebrate than mere 10 yrs bracketed since the day u tied the conventional knot. I feel some element of pride in writing this blog today. A small corner of my mind reminisces the troubled times where suspicions, bitterness, differences with in-laws surfaced big-time. I for one, surely did think of throwing in the towel and calling it a day. But i didn't actually do it. Why?? Bcoz i still wanted to forget and forgive and move on. Why?? May be I did really want to stay married with that one individual i call my spouse. Why?? Perhaps unknowingly somewhere, I must have fallen in love!! No flashlights sparkling anywhere or music humming in the backgrounds. But it still happens, i guess. Rather thats how the reality of it feels. U go on with life feeling good. The endorphins are at the mightiest best. And u know u r hitched for life!!! Whats 10 yrs then, I look ahead to a fifty !!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A blog is born .................. FINALLY

Hi! This is the first time I am doing this, and like most first times, peer pressure and the need to do something that's a DONE THING today was one of the reasons I am doing this. And before i border on 'kinkiness' (and if u havent already guessed!!), I am most certainky talking about my second baby --- my first BLOG!!

Welcome to my world of infinity ~~. I choose to call it a world of "Varied Interests" because I am into a varied list of things stemming from my varied interests, but few have actually materialised!! So lets say, this is a start-up of sorts! And unlike wht I said earlier, it is born out of my intense need to express, write, lucidate my thoughts and feeling to no one in particular and everyone in general!! And keeping in mind the title "Varied Interests", you can be sure you will find a spectrum of posts out here based on my experiences(not necessarily first-hand) but which have stayed in my memory long enuf to form the basis of my writings.

I hope you find most of them either extremely interesting or extremely inciting, in both cases you risk remembering them for a long time to come!! :-)